Evaluating Training Providers

Everyone talks about the benefits of training, but it’s important to identify these benefits in your organization. Then, when you are ready to look at potential training providers, you will know exactly what you should expect to receive from them. Below are the seven biggest benefits of training, followed by tips for selecting and evaluating training providers.

Biggest Benefits of Training

Measurements. Test scores, grades, class rankings, GPA, SAT, professional certifications, licensing examinations, juried awards. Whether in school or business, we are all measured. Knowledge helps to make and predict society’s measurements, which are expected.
Thinking-Reasoning Skills. What we learn is important. Further, what we do with lessons, how facts are interpreted, how we approach problems and the faculties of common sense are vital to economic, social, and self-betterment success.
Socialization-People Skills. Through trial and error, success and failure and the observation of other people’s strengths and weaknesses, we learn how to live and work with others. Mastering people skills makes for win-win propositions.
Professional Development. Education does not stop after the highest degree completed…it merely begins. Training, professional enrichment, membership in associations, and constructive business interaction are vital for career longevity and economic independence.
Mentorship. Learning from others takes a higher plateau when under the wings of experts. Mentorship (which has seven levels) is a stair-step process of bettering all participants. Meaningful lessons, paying dues, and developing relationships empower those who make the effort to “go the distance.” Learning from different and informed sources is the art of mentorship.
Earning Power. Education (formal schooling, professional development, and enhanced-relationship study) has a direct relationship to financial rewards. It begins with school but bears fruit in the willingness to learn, change, and grow professionally.
Future Life. A truly successful person commits to mentoring others, giving back, mastering change, and never failing to learn. Education is more than confirming one’s held beliefs. It plants knowledge roots, which sprout in ideas, applicabilities, and lifelong insights.

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